venerdì 24 agosto 2012

AC-IN record was born in Rome in 2005 by the synergy of the Capitoline producer Alessandro Durante the artists of the electronic scene underground Torinese Marco Tozzi, Enrico Gontero and Gianluca Vitanza Ercole (which will become part of the production team in 2006) under the guidance and supervision of masters such as Leo Anibaldi, Lory D. A label connotations details that makes experimentation and sound research strengths characteristic of his physiognomy, moving 360 ° in the range of musical genres, from hip hop to experimental electronic music, from sound dancefloor productions and sought more details decidedly avant-garde. After a period of stalemate (2009/2011) by the artists themselves wanted to devote himself to experimentation, the label Roman decided to reopen its doors, thanks to maturity and the experience gained in these years.New  components are added with the instrumentation label, bringing new sounds.AC IN RECORD STAFF 

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